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Message from the Principal (Salt Brook)

Dear parents and Students,

I feel highly previledged to warmly welcome You into the portals o f ‘Saltbrook Mirza’, a junior College (Under Nemcare Group of Institution). Our institution is dedicated to Develop highly skilled and outstanding students who can pursue their interests and strength To the best of their abilities , so that our learned students can enlighten the society, building A strong generation of better world tomorrow.

The institution approaches a holistic way of teaching stimulating innovation among Students, inspiring fresh ideas, creative thinking and a strong belief in themselves.

Our curriculum and course offerings aim towards the overall growth of our studentsHence, all the teachers of our institution are committed to work collaboratively with Parents to nurture an individual, who possess a tremendous love and responsibilities for Our nation and society as well. We all the teachers of the institution expect that , as a Large family , We can encourage our students to uphold in the face of turmoil and a “Never give up” spirit.

All these will be possible, when a strong commitment is made by the teachers,Students as well as the parents. “Quality , not the quantity” is our guiding principle andWe are continuously guided by it.

I hope that our website will assist you in this endeveous to choose the carreerYou always dreamt of.

N.R. Sarma,