Anti-discrimination Cell

Anti Discrimination Cell

The principle of Anti Discrimination Cell is to make a conducive atmosphere inside the campus where there is no difference amongst the individuals with respect to sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, mental illness or ability, sexual orientation, gender, religion or individual political opinions. The Anti Discrimination Cell will ensure that every individual inside the campus exercise equal rights while acquiring as well as offering education. The perfect harmony inside the campus is needed for the establishing a good educational hub.

Mrs. Barnali Gogoi,
Member Secretary

Procedure for complain

Complaints can be made through written letter or email by the victim to the Anti Discrimination Cell chairman themselves or through a reliable person. In case of complaint, by an onlooker of the incident, the complaint should be made through written letter or email by the onlooker themselves.


The committee will be summoned by the chairman and complain will be thoroughly discussed to understand the degree of complain. If the case is found credible for an investigation, a meticulous investigation will be done and offender will be called to appear before the committee. The decision taken by the committee will be final and the offender shall abide by the decision.

For any complain please write to antidiscrimination@ngiguwahati.in .....