Disciplinary committee

Disciplinary committee

Role and Responsibility :

  • 1. To maintain a harmony inside the campus
  • 2. To maintain calm and peaceful academic atmosphere inside the campus
  • 3. To keep a vigil on the students so that they are not indulging themselves in unlawful activities and upsetting the decorum of the college
  • 4. To conduct and initiate enquiry against the students involved in the indisciplinary activity.
  • 5. To assist the Anti Ragging Committee whenever required.
  • 6. To maintain strict discipline in the hostel and take action against those who break the rules and regulations of hostel

  • Punishment

    The student(s) will be asked to appear before the committee and upon thorough investigation a unanimous decision will be taken which shall be abide by the offender (s).

    For any complain please write to disciplinarycommittee@ngiguwahati.in or call @ 9854007355.....