NETES Institute of Pharmaceutical Science has a state-of-the-art Central Drug Research Centre (CDRC) with a magnificent and comprehensive range of facilities. This central research laboratory aims at preserving and raising the efficiency of academic research endeavors pursued in the Institute. 


To excel in the fast evolving field of pharmacy education by inculcating a dynamic research environment among faculty and students.


The CDRC envisions personal and organizational academic growth of all students and faculty by fostering research endeavours. To help achieve this, we strive to:
- Understand the important requirements of academic research for all-round competence of students.
- Develop a sustainable robust scientific outlook among faculties for achieving formidable career goals.
- Explore and develop healthcare technologies for the betterment of the field of pharmacy and society as a whole.


  • UV-Visible spectrophotometer.
  • Tablet dissolution apparatus.
  • Tablet punching machine.
  • Rotary evaporator.
  • Tablet disintegration tester.
  • Tablet friability tester.

And many more.